zondag 14 april 2013

Chicago O’hare Airport UFO Recorded by OpCenter!!!

What ever happen to all the videos and photos that Dan Aykroyd bought from the tarmac workers and pilots of the Chicago Airport UFO / OVNI incident?

There were some very interesting recordings..and photos. Some even taken from the cockpit of airliners while the craft sat in the sky above the airport.

The videos were never released yet..and the world has forgot about all the attention it once drew.

Shame on you Dan Aykroyd..from one Canadian to another…it saddens me to see greed keep MORE truth from the people.

Truth is meant to be shared..not kept.

I know that it is all real…but I cannot vouch anything for this video..

Only what I see and experience..I know for certain. The rest..is only hearsay.

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